Metal Recycling Company

Louisiana scrap buyer are outfitted with cutting equipment, operated by certified operators with huge industrial experience with precision tools. To maximize your financial return as you invest in recycling, a scrap recycling predictive analysis is performed on your scrap volume, scrap type, type of coolant. You are provided with choices of scrap metal recycling system which may be the best fit for your operation. The machinery is dismantled, cut, hammered or reduced to recyclable sizes for further processing.

Our most optimized processes may reduce the volume by nearly eight times the original size either by pre-shredding or hammering. Scrap metal briquettes can add to the value of recycled equipment by reducing material handling costs, recovering coolant (which also helps in reducing shipment weight and liability), lighter and more manageable shipment process and specialized benefits like ingot replacement savings (for die-casters). It makes the scrap metal recovered from the dismantled equipment is an attractive purchase proposition for Industrial machine shops.